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LEO is a seasoned team of cyber trailblazers and creative practitioners who have the deep experience and operational knowledge to combat the cyber skills gap. Through creative solutions we help our customers build and manage security programs.

Team LEO


Justin Silbert brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from DOD and Civilian world.  As CISO of what is now the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, he managed cyber security as the hospital transitioned into the nation’s most important Joint Military Medical Facility. His expertise focuses on applying sound security practices across a spectrum of systems and environments, from certified medical devices to shared research systems.   Through his work, his goal is to improve the health of organizational leaders, by providing a cyber security program that allows them to sleep better and worry less.


LEOs are legends. They accumulate years of experience filled with noteworthy ideas. Take Andrew Hay for example, with 20 years in the field he held important roles in a number of internationally recognized companies. He is a Co-Founder of LEO and currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The sparks trailblazers leave grab the attention of major media stories and Andrew has been the lead of most. Featured in periodicals like Forbes, Bloomberg, USA Today and several others.


When we say what we do can’t be taught in a 12-week course, Tracy Pallas is our living example. A tenured hybrid of strategic consulting and cyber experience, Tracy is anything but new to the game. Prior to serving as VP of Channel Sales at Illusive Networks, she held VP roles at Extreme Networks and Palo Alto Networks. Don’t believe us? Ask CRN. CRN’s editorial staff continuously recognizes her innovative achievements year after year. Consistently named one of CRN Magazine’s Top Women in Channels, she was recently recognized as a Channel Chief 2016 honoree.


Glenn Sweeney is a trailblazer of Incident Response and Security Operations, particularly for global organizations. Glenn has over 15 years of experience from thinking on his feet. In which time he achieved several security certifications like CISSP, CHFI, GIAC, and GSEC. No wonder this LEO is one of our founders.


Brian thrives on architecting and engineering practically applicable solutions to problems in the enterprise. He has a track record of delivering low cost high impact solutions across multiple IT domains including Cyber Security. Brian is passionate about learning and mastering the topics surrounding any difficulty with which he engages. For Brian, blue teaming is the ultimate enigma as it is a quickly evolving field requiring the continual development of expertise crossing multiple domains. He ardently believes insatiable curiosity fueled creativity guided by experience and expertise is the answer.


With over 18 years of professional experience Mike has held almost every job in IT and Security from Java Developer to Fortune 500 CISO and everything in between. Mike is our Liger (It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic) of the security world. Mike can be technical at all levels and then translate those ideas in terms the business can understand and vice versa. Mike specializes in greenfield and post-breach environments using his skills to bridge the gaps between IT and the Business to take organizations from reactive security postures and transform them into proactive security programs. Mike has been successful with numerous organizations to develop security programs, conduct project management for security strategies, design/implement secure IT systems, develop incident response programs, and evaluate organizations existing enterprise security postures and overall maturity. He has a Master’s of Science in Information Security and Assurance and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).


David is our mountaineer and growth-master. He’s been to the summit and back multiple times holding leadership and founding roles in some of the industry’s most respected cyber advisory and technology providers. His last trek was with FireEye-Mandiant as an original member of the founding team resulting in one of the biggest IPOs in InfoSec history. Following the acquisition of Mandiant, David jumped in to the real fight going behind enemy lines helping companies and governments battle through some of the greatest breaches in history.


In an industry known primarily for dark rooms and guys in hoodies, it’s easy to think technology is the answer. But after 16 years consulting some of the world’s largest companies on cyber security, David Deering realized product was not the answer. Cyber security requires a unique hybrid of people, processes and technology. And so LEO was born. Prior to founding LEO, David was involved with three other significant startups, two that were acquired and one that went public.


Lindsey Lockhart is the ace up our sleeve. For the past 10 years she effectively coordinated, managed and executed global campaigns for companies like Entrust, Trend Micro and Armor. As a maven in cyber security public relations, she’s secured coverage in major outlets such as USA Today, The New York Times, FOX Business, MSNBC and Bloomberg. And that’s not a wrap.


Thomas Moore fuses the best of both worlds. His craft is communication and public relations, and his passion is cyber security. At LEO, we look for a unique hybrid of artists and scientists. Thomas’ 20-year career includes PR agency leadership of global technology brands including Trend Micro and NTT DATA. His success speaks for itself. Consistently recognized with industry awards, he still isn’t done. He currently serves as an advisor for LEO and is a strategic communications consultant for Armor.


Mario Chiock is our triple threat. He brings years of experience in next generation technology, cyber security and auditing. Prior to his current role as Schlumberger Fellow, Mario was the CISO at Schlumberger. He is recognized for his accomplishments and leadership throughout the company and within the community. He’s been listed in the top 25 CISO by ExecRank and won the Information Security Executive “People’s Choice Award” to name a few. But today you can find him on the advisory board of Palo Alto Networks, Onapsis & Qualys.


Trailblazers often leave their mark, but every now and then, some even help build an entire industry. Clint has done just that. With more than twenty years of experience, he is one of the original pioneers of the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security industry. From the deep technical trenches to the “C-Suite”, few people in the world have been doing it longer. Now, Clint is a frequently requested public speaker, a published author in the iconic “Hacking Exposed” series, and is regarded as one of the industry’s leading experts. At LEO, he is our resident “industrial hacker” and heads up our Industrial Cyber Security Business.


There’s nothing like learning on the ground floor of an emerging company. Mike Burnett is our jack of most trades. He’s spent more than 15 years inside various security startups, embracing multiple roles in sales, channel development and sales leadership. From IronPort to FireEye and several in between, Mike is a founder and investor of LEO.


Alex Philips has decades of cyber experience under his championship belt which he uses to advise LEO. Alex was the first employee at National Oilwell Varco assigned to an IT security project. Talk about being thrown into the deep end. He was quick on his feet and singlehandedly built one of the most recognized cyber security department’s in the country. Alex eventually became National Oilwell Varco’s CISO and now people call him CIO.


Trailblazers don’t stop after their first successful challenge. They move on to the next. One of our founders, Ryan Crump is the perfect example. For the last 12 years he has helped global companies improve their security posture. From established to emerging technologies, his broad experience makes his wealth of knowledge priceless. For example, as an early hire at OpenDNS, he helped turn the organization into a market leader.


Mikhail is a cybersecurity professional with an enormous passion for the field and thirst for knowledge. In addition to his day job, Mikhail is a professor of cryptology at St. Bonaventure University. A programmer specializing in software security and cryptology, Mikhail always seeks to expand his horizons, hone his skills, and take on new challenges. One day, he hopes to know enough to realize that he knows nothing. Mikhail holds an Offensive Security certification (OSCP) and, although he is a “Russian hacker”, his hat is white and his directive is to protect.

Mikhail Sudakov


Seth is our official rocket scientist in residence.  Hailing from NASA’s Mission Control Center, Seth brings a unique perspective to incident response, applying aspects of one of the world’s preeminent emergency operations platforms to cyber response.  In addition to twenty-plus years’ of technical experience, Seth was previously a member of the data protection task force at a large law firm, and served as the lead Legal team member of an incident response team at a major U.S. airline.  Seth is a certified business continuity professional, and he holds a juris doctorate, which is why he also wears the General Counsel hat at LEO.



Glenn brings 25 years of experience and leadership to his role as an adviser to the LEO team. He spent 6 years as the CISO for a publicly traded ONG (oil & natural gas) concern where he built a cyber security program from scratch. Beyond ONG, Glenn has experience in the energy, financial services, high tech, and manufacturing industries.



Torry has spent most of his professional career working in Fortune 500 IT operations, and consulted in security for several years prior to moving into cybersecurity full time. His broad experience in the security field spans hands-on-keyboard to senior leadership levels, strategically building and running security programs. Whether dealing with IT, HR, Legal, MA&D, or nation-state level incidents, he knows how to make it happen on the ground and in the conference room. In addition, he spends his spare time serving on advisory boards, presenting on cybersecurity topics nationally, and leading several other NPO cybersecurity initiatives. Torry is a Renaissance man in security and another great example of team LEO.



Mr. Heath Renfrow has served the Chief Information Security Officer for multiple global organizations, and most recently as the CISO for United States Army Medicine, where he was awarded the 2017 Global CISO of the year by EC-COUNCIL, the largest cyber training body in the world. Mr. Renfrow has 19 years of global cyber security professional experience, and is considered one of the leading cyber experts in the world. He holds Bachelors in Science in Information Technology, and a Master’s of Science in Cyber Studies. Mr. Renfrow also holds numerous industry leading certifications, including Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) and Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). Mr. Renfrow also serves on the following boards: National Cyberwatch Center Foundation, Association for Executives in Healthcare Information Security, University of Indiana Cyber Advisory Council, and Cyber Patriot Program Advisory Council.


Our Values

We are assembling the great artists of cyber security. And they shape who we are. We are…


We value creativity. Our people view every challenge as a canvas. They are the kids that made their soda explode with candy. They are the nerds that sketched cartoons next to their math notes. What will they do next?


We value curiosity. Curiosity to know more. To learn and experiment. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it freed it.


We value people who know their stuff cold. Our people aren’t merely experts, they are connoisseurs. Connoisseurs that collect knowledge and embrace the nuances of our trade with their whole heart and soul. Their passion and knowledge makes them the best of the best.

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