Creativity is the essential safeguard against the ever-changing threat of cyber attacks.

Cyber-as-a-Service | [CaaS] noun, adjective and verb

1. An outsourced service providing our customers’ entire cybersecurity program.

2. Turnkey cybersecurity management eliminating the need for staff recruitment, technology purchase, installation, configuration, and day-to-day operations.

3. Contract-based model providing experienced team-spanning leadership, security operations, risk management, compliance and business enablement.

LEO // The Cyber-as-a-Service Firm

LEO is a group of seasoned and creative practitioners with the broad experience and operational knowledge needed who architect, build, and operate cyber programs for our customers. Our Cyber-as-a-Service is a turn-key managed service that provides a team for leadership, security operations, risk management, compliance and business enablement to develop and execute the complete cyber function.

Addressing the Cybersecurity skills gap

If cybersecurity is so important, why is there a chronic shortage of experts? The harsh reality is the craft takes years to master. In fact, most roles go unfilled for 9-12 months, or worse, filled by unqualified candidates. In a recent CSIS study, “Hacking the Skills Shortage,” 82 percent of respondents lacked cybersecurity skills.

In light of this reality, who is supposed to protect you? Who can be trusted? What’s the difference between a legitimate expert and an amateur?

We Fuse Art and Science

Our approach to cybersecurity is a blend of art and science. The best practitioners mix high tech engineering and a restless creative soul. Our solutions leapfrog one size fits all technology solutions. Each problem is unique and demands an individualized diagnosis and execution.

Threats Adapt And So Do We

Threats continuously emerge and evolve. By the time a solution is found another one is already in full motion. It’s like a game of chess. We believe through creativity we can outmaneuver and predict the next obstacle ahead. Checkmate.

Decades Under Our Belts

There are a limited number of seasoned experts in this field and we are assembling the best. No textbook or 12-week course can amount to decades of cyber field experience. And your IT department is not equipped to tangle with the nation-state actors. We are.

We’re Doers Not Talkers

Consultants are great at talking, but not at doing. Yes, we talk. Talk you through each step as we do it. Sure, we point. Point and click as we build your cybersecurity program. And we shake hands. But only after we get our hands dirty.

We strengthen your cybersecurity operations

Technology solutions alone aren’t enough to stop cyber threats…
You need the right PEOPLE and PROCESS.

Our People :

We provide world class CISOs and other cyber experts to supplement your company’s security department or help you build a team from scratch.

Our Process :

We creatively architect and execute customized cybersecurity programs to improve your security posture and protect your intellectual property and business.

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