LEO Cyber Security Law Conference

One need only review the news headlines to glimpse the furious acceleration of cyber attacks in our society.  Attorneys, risk managers, and governance personnel cannot afford to neglect the dynamic nature of this field, in turn leaving a company exposed.  Come join us for a hands-on look at some of the more pressing issues in cyber security law and governance.




The LEO Cyber Security Law Conference sets itself apart by providing tangible, actionable deliverables that can be put to use by our attendees on day one. We understand that no cyber program can be fully successful without coordination between the legal department and Information Security, and so we have fashioned our sessions to facilitate that coordination. The Conference offers CLE credits, but still leaves ample time to network. Finally, who says a law conference has to be boring?  Our speakers infuse edge-of-your-seat content into the sessions. Come listen to a former NASA Flight Controller discuss how Mission Control handles emergency response.  Take a guided tour of the dark web with a certified cyber analyst.  See a wifi spoof in action.


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OKC Downtown sm

Oklahoma City

November 9, 2017

LEO welcomes a diverse group of industry leaders in the fields of cyber governance, incident response, and risk management.  Held at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, this conference will feature a tour of the dark web and a review of NASA’s Mission Control framework.  Register below, or contact Seth Jaffe for details.  713-574-8667

Eventbrite - LEO Cyber Security Law Conference OKC
Tulsa skyline with a park, pond, and fountains in the foreground.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

November 8, 2017

LEO’s Tulsa event kicks things off with a tour of the dark web, a behind-the-scenes perspective of how NASA’s Mission Control handles incidents, and it welcomes a diverse set of panelist to discuss timely cyber security issues.  It will be held in downtown Tulsa.  Register below or contact Seth Jaffe at 713-574-8667 for event particulars.

Eventbrite - LEO Cyber Security Law Conference Tulsa


LEO is a seasoned team of cyber trailblazers and creative practitioners who have the deep experience and operational knowledge to combat the cyber skills gap. From information security program / policy development to virtual security experts to on-demand threat hunting and response, LEO delivers tailored security solutions to your organization through creativity, experience, and commitment.


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