LEO Cyber Security Launches to Redefine Industry Best Practices and Execution


David Deering



New venture boasts industry pioneers to maximize today’s security solutions

March 27, 2017— With an abundance of cyber security products and solutions available, there remains a plague of data compromises on a large and small scale across all industries. To counter this trend, LEO Cyber Security has launched to provide the expertise of seasoned practitioners to bridge the gap between security implementation and actual threat mitigation. The inspiration for LEO’s brand stems from Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance visionary who rejected the convention of his day, and whose philosophies and innovation transcend the modern era. Beyond a consulting firm, LEO offers elite cyber security talent who serve in the trenches, consistently and successfully helping customers improve their security posture.

“There is no question that the market is flooded with solid cyber security solutions that can be very effective to protect sensitive data,” said David Deering, CEO, LEO. “The real challenge lies in utilizing this technology to keep information safe. LEO exists to help our clients better utilize their current cyber security investments, guide them to add new tools where applicable, and walk alongside them to use these resources to ensure they are not victimized by well-financed threat actors.

It is an undisputed fact that there are simply not enough cyber security professionals available to manage the plethora of tools available on the market today. Enterprises are consumed with primary IT functions and rely upon security solutions to preserve network integrity. However, funds typically do not exist for the majority of organizations to employ an experienced security team with the skills necessary to grasp and defend against dynamic threats.

LEO stands to circumvent this chasm, so enterprises can maximize their current investments and realize the full benefits of these powerful resources. In short, with no limits on technology, it boils down to talent. The reality is that acquiring professionals with these abilities is very difficult and expensive. Plus, retention is nearly impossible.

With an impressive roster of industry veterans with the know-how and experience to analyze clients’ business models, predict vulnerabilities and execute appropriate security technology, LEO is unmatched in the industry.

About LEO

LEO is a cyber security organization comprised of some of the world’s most knowledgeable industry experts. Its name was coined based on the Renaissance visionary, Leonardo da Vinci, who refused to accept the status quo. LEO goes beyond consulting and provides insight from seasoned practitioners who understand today’s cyber security solutions and can apply their extensive knowledge to ensure that client investments are maximized. With skills encompassing more than 40 industries across business operations, LEO is poised to help clients navigate the current threat landscape, maintain profitability and gain market share. For more information, visit leocybersecurity.com, call 1-469-844-3608 or follow @LEOCyberSec.