LEO Cyber Security’s CTO Andrew Hay to Present at DEFCON 25

Veteran industry thought leader to discuss application of graph theory in cyber security


Lindsey Lockhart



DALLAS – July 25, 2017 LEO Cyber Security, a cyber security orchestration and advisory firm, announced that Andrew Hay, CTO, will present at DEFCON 25 to discuss “An Introduction to Graph Theory for OSINT.” The session will introduce graph theory and the applied use of graphs in layman’s terms to help the audience construct, deploy and maintain graphs for security and compliance initiatives within their organization.

“Graph theory is a fascinating topic that can often seem overwhelming to those not seasoned in math, science, and computer programming,” said Hay. “However, the practical application to the security environment can provide insight that can help better visualize network architecture to understand where gaps exist so appropriate mitigation techniques can be applied. This event promises to be an exciting opportunity to learn more about this advanced discipline without bogging down with an overly complex presentation.”

The session will provide the opportunity for interaction to grasp the general concepts of graph theory to support a basic understanding of the concept. A variety of use cases, such as tracking of security threats, construction of attacker profiles, as well as the usage of graphs will enable help the audience to assess organizational risk based the introduction of new tools, processes or legal requirements.

The talk will take place at the “Recon Village” in the Palermo room, Friday July 28 from 2:55 to 3:40 pm. PST.

To learn more about the speaker:

Follow: @andrewsmhay

Visit:  www.andrewhay.ca/press-kit and www.leocybersecurity.com.

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