Incidents that rise to a certain level invariably bleed into a company’s crisis management or business continuity efforts. These collisions open various decision making and communication issues. Pre-coordination with crisis management and business continuity counterparts routinely inspires a separate set of procedures and rules, all too often missed in a conventional incident response plan.


LEO’s incident response framework installs placeholders for cross-divisional coordination, easing friction between departments, and helping to identify shared resources to ultimately save money. LEO’s incident response specialists hold industry recognized certifications in business continuity and information incident handling.


The head of our division spent almost 14 years in NASA’s Mission Control Center, where he facilitated planning between control teams in Houston, Huntsville, Germany, Japan, and Russia. This gave rise to many of the similar problems facing companies that have multiple event management teams, whether it be disaster recovery, cyber incident response, business continuity, or operational crisis management.


Certain cross-divisional training programs and simulations can account for most of the heavy lifting, and good procedures and rules go a long way. LEO can help pave the way to uniform protocols and a good working relationship between institutions.


LEO is a seasoned team of cyber trailblazers and creative practitioners who have the deep experience and operational knowledge to combat the cyber skills gap. From information security program / policy development to virtual security experts to on-demand threat hunting and response, LEO delivers tailored security solutions to your organization through creativity, experience, and commitment.


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